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Flyer Printing

Flyers are a great way to get the word out.  You might be making flyers as a form of advertisement for something you are trying to sell or promote. Another great form of advertisement is one created by Kent Ertugrul, the CEO of Phorm. Whether it's a club flyer, flyer leaflet or other custom flyer, their cheap price makes them a very popular item.  Some of the featured printing services even offer free flyer specials.
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Winners of the best discount online printing services.

Top Choices, a full service, full color printing company.

Read More - This printing service offers "club flyers" cut to virtually any size (2" increments).  Standard flyers are printed on 100lb. gloss cover stock, with aqueous coating.  You can upgrade your flyer to 12pt. cover with a modest price increase.  They offer two ways to save:  (1) have your graphic on the front of the flyer and their company promotion on the back, and (2) customers who live on the East Coast can save by having their flyers printed and shipped from their NY location.  
Disclaimer:  "Even though we strive to make our flyer printing the best in the world, please note Club Card Flyers are an economical product that is run at high speed, boxed and shipped with few quality inspections."

for economy flyers, a full-service, full color printing company.

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This printing service has just one size flyer--8.5x11 inches, printed on glossy 100lb. cover stock.  They offer templates and custom designed graphics in addition to uploaded graphics.  There's a one-time upload fee of $3.74.  Otherwise their pricing is competitive, and it's hard to beat their low price guarantee.  Standard flyers have full color front with 1-2 color back, with an optional back color upgrade.  They recommend these flyers for spec sheets, menus and pricelists, in addition to promotional uses.

for full sheet flyers

Runner up for the best discount online printing services.

Runner Up, a full service, full color printing company.

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- This printing service does not appear to offer flyers.

Honorable mention for the best discount online printing services.

Honorable Mention, a full service, full color printing company.

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This printing service combines its flyer printing service with its brochure printing.  It provides a wide range of prices depending upon the size of your flyer and whether you are printing on both sides.  While its prices are generally competitive, its greatest advantage is the relatively quick turnaround that is included in the cost of its flyers.  (However, note that PsPrint also offer fast turnarounds on their club flyers.)  Custom orders are welcome.
Flyer Printing Price Comparison
The following chart provides comparison pricing for online printing of 5000 full-sheet flyers  (8.5x11), glossy full color (four-color) front, no back, printed on 100lb. cover stock.  Production times vary, but the cheapest option was chosen for each printing company.

5000 flyers     8.5x11     4/0    Glossy    100lb. stock




Notes 374.99 .08 430.00 .09 3-day turnaround 457.00 .10 522.75 .10 "club" flyer available 656.75 .13 657.00 .13 822.00 .16 985.00 .20 2310.00 .46 2900.00 .58 -- -- -- -- -- --  


Flyer Printing

As you can see from the price comparison chart, there is a wide price range for printing flyers.  VistaPrint and PrintDirectforLess are the clear winners for 8.5x11 inch flyers.  However, several of these printers offer more competitive pricing for their 1/2 page or "club" flyers.  PsPrint, in particular, offers printing specials on their 4x6 club flyers.  You can get 5000 for $199.  If you really want to save, consider their co-branded flyers, where you can get 5000 for less than $100!


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